Lee FIskness was the  Lighting Director at The Santa Fe Opera from 2012-2018, where his responsibilities  include;  hiring, training, and supervising a department of 16 (8 staff and 8 apprentice electricians), facilitating the design and production of 5 operas each season in rotating repertory in an open air venue,  managing the season budget, repairs, capital expenditures, renovation, and improvements. This included a 4 year $45 million capital campaign to renovate the backstage areas, workshops, and offices including upgrades to the lighting systems and technologies as they relate to the lighting department. Lee worked with designers including Chris Akerlind, Duane Schuler, Rick Fisher, Jim Ingalls, Jennifer Tipton, Pat Collins, Mimi Sherin, Brian Nason, Thomas Hase, Paul Hackenmueller, Malcolm Rippeth and Japhy Weideman.

Before this becoming Lighting Director  Lee spent 9 years as a Lighting Supervisor with responsibilities including, assisting the designers to develop and distribute all necessary paperwork for the 5 show Repertory.  Leading a daily 30 to 90 minute focus of 150 to 300 lights.  Coordinating and producing paperwork for up to 5 followspots.  Maintaining a database and light plot for the season. Documenting and archiving productions for revivals at The Santa Fe Opera as well as other companies around the world.


Lee has transferred several shows originally produced at The Santa Fe Opera to other companies around the country.  This production of Cosi Fan Tutti was produced twice in Santa Fe in 2001 and 2007.  In 2009 Lee helped recreate the production as  the Associate Lighting Designer with Opera Colorado and again in 2010 with The Portland Opera.